Are you worried about a student?

Life can be stressful, even for kids. Build the confidence to talk to a student who you are concerned about. 

Through the 3 grade band specific role-play simulations; learn to recognize when a student is in distress, initiate a conversation with a student about your concerns, and connect student and parents with support services. 

  • Self-paced
  • 1-3 OPI renewal units
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This course covers 3 main topics; an overview of grief, what grief looks like in adolescents, and what you can do to support those who are grieving.  The video used was originally recorded for mental health professionals but has been repurposed for educators.  Please note, this course is not designed for educators to take over the role of a counselor in these situations, instead to help support educators in their daily interactions with students.

  • Self-paced course
  • 2 OPI renewal units
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  • Developed by Dr. Mary-Ann Bowman, University of Montana
course description

This course provides an opportunity to consider how including youth voice through student data can enhance a school systems referral process, response to crisis & suicide prevention.  Learn how to develop a suicide prevention protocol & how to help youth understand what to do when they are concerned about a friend. 

Created by Steve Zieglowsky, Bitterroot Valley Education Cooperative

Type of Course Self-paced Course length 2 OPI Renewal Units audience All Educators
User Rating  User Ratings: 4.3 4.3 stars

"This was good information!  It brought to my attention the importance to have school protocol for this topic." -Middle School teacher, Belgrade, MT


course description

This course will provide you an overview of suicide in the United States, youth suicide related behavior, the Bitterroot Valley Education Cooperative suicide prevention project, and youth voice.

Created by by Steve Zieglowsky, Bitterroot Valley Education Cooperative and Holly Mook, MT SOARS/Project AWARE State Director

type of course Self-paced time 2 OPI Renewal Units audience All Educators
user rating  User Ratings: 4.3  4 and a half stars