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This course is designed to help you understand what asthma is and what you can do to help make your school asthma friendly for those students with asthma. It was created from the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services' Creating Asthma Friendly Schools in Montana: A Resource Guide, Second Edition

Created by William Biskupaik, DPHHS

type of course Self-paced time 1 OPI Renewal Units audience All Educators
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"Very informative and gave me valuable information.  This information needs to be disseminated to EVERY teacher!" -Elementary teacher, Bozeman, MT

This course emphasizes environmental, educational, and social demands that influence an educator's daily decisions. Many of these decisions conflict with personal, organizational, technological, and social factors. Poor decisions -- no matter how well intentioned -- may result in adverse consequences that not only impacted the educator, but also the schools, students and the community. This course consists of three separate multidisciplinary designed modules: (1) Overview of Educator Ethics, (2) Educator Relationships and Boundaries, and (3) Cybertraps for Educators.  

This course is for professional development only and will not be used for any other purpose.  It is intended to build an educator’s knowledge and confidence in dealing with education based ethical decisions.  Any feedback or answer you provide about your understanding of educator ethics is anonymous and is being collected as aggregate data only; it will be used to assist in determining the effectiveness of this course.

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This course covers the six steps to developing a School Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). By the end of the course, you will have an EOP team, hazards identified, goals and objectives, courses of action, the beginnings of a written plan, and a training and exercise schedule developed for your school. This course is designed to be taken in a group of at least 3 teachers to work through the course together. Read more about group courses.

Created by Amanda Domino, OPI Health Enhancement & Safety Division

type of course Group Course time 6 OPI Renewal Units audience School Leaders
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This free course discusses the Montana Early Warning System (EWS) and how it can be used in Montana schools. The system is used to identify students at-risk for dropping out in grades 6-12. It uses live student data in a statistical model to determine the chance of drop out.

Created by Eric Meredith, OPI.

type of course Self-paced time 4 OPI Renewal Units audience 6-12 Teachers
user rating  User Ratings: 4.3  4 and a half stars

"This is a very helpful lesson in dealing with at risk youth and what to look for." -HS teacher, Billings, MT