This 3-week STREAM module examines learning progressions and models related to operations on fractions. Another module, Developing Fraction Concepts 3-5, explores the meaning of "fraction" and fundamental concepts of equivalence and comparison. This module goes a step further to examine conceptual understanding of fraction operations and the models used to develop these concepts.  Specific goals and activities include the following:  

  • Examine different types of conceptual models used to represent fraction operations.
  • Discover how learning progression guide students' developing knowledge of fraction operations in grades 3-5.
  • Explore and apply fraction operations in real world contexts.
Note: This is a 3 week semi-facilitated course, meaning each section will be time released and you will interact with others taking the course at the same time but there will not be a live facilitator.  


  • This course runs from January 22nd – February 9th
  • 15 OPI renewal units
  • Registration closes Jan. 22nd or when the class is full
  • Click on the class name to enroll.