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A Feast of Fabulous Courses...just for you! 

Looking for some 'one credit wonders' to just enjoy but still gain great knowledge, usable information AND earn free renewal units?  This potpourri of courses may provide just what you are searching for after stuffing yourself with turkey and looking to burn some calories! Take your brain for some exercise with these great choices:  

Arts Integration 101---Practical Strategies for Using Technology Assisted Notetaking---A Bit About Braille---Creating Asthma Friendly Schools---Using Writing to Teach Critical Thinking

What is Disciplinary Literacy? AND Why is It Important?

Disciplinary literacy pushes students to move beyond reading, writing, listening, and viewing, solely for academic purposes. There is a fundamental difference between content literacy and disciplinary literacy. Content literacy focuses on study skills that are utilized to help students learn from subject-specific texts while disciplinary literacy, by contrast, emphasizes the knowledge and abilities possessed by those who create, communicate, and use the disciplines and references the 'shared ways' of reading, writing, thinking and reasoning within all academic fields which is a shared responsibility among ALL of us as educators. Check out this great series if you want to gain key expertise in regard to the benefits of Disciplinary Literacy!  

Disciplinary Literacy: Close Reading---Disciplinary Literacy: Cognitive Secrets---Writing for Disciplinary Literacy!

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Ready to explore essential concepts, skills, and representations that support students' developing math knowledge? There is something for every level starting at the end of this month! Each course runs from November 29th - December 20th, is three weeks long, and is worth 15 RU's!

STREAM: Geometric Thinking (K-3) 

STREAM: You Decide How to Divide (3-5)

STREAM:  Linear Relationships (7-9)                                                               

Check out the Facilitated Course Calendar if you want to get a jump on coming offerings!

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving, Everyone!  


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