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Fall + PD = Great Courses on the Hub in Your HOME! (or wherever!)

Fall weather is upon us--curl up with a good course! We have over 130 choices on the Hub!  Here are a couple of suggestions:  Supporting Readers with Informational Text, a must-have course for educators looking to deepen student comprehension and engagement! Also check out Diving Into Computer Science: Tools for Every Grade! This is a helpful course for implementing K-12 Digital Literacy and Computer Science guidelines into every grade level and how it can be integrated into a variety of disciplines.

Culture in Science? Absolutely!

“Know the pulse of the child in the noise of demands." from ’Cradle Promise’ by Mala Naidoo. Reflect upon these words as we celebrate our indigenous peoples and introduce you to our newest addition to the Montana Science Standard series: Montana Science Standards 501: IEFA and Equity!  This course addresses the why and how's of culturally responsible integration of Indian Education for All (IEFA) while ensuring that your science instruction is equitable and meaningful. Self-paced and available now!

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Don't miss out! Number Sense Routines K-8  (Run dates: Oct 26 - Nov 29)

October 13th! Enrollment opened for the following courses and they each run Nov 1 - 22:  Algebraic Thinking (K- 5) ♦ Ratios and Proportions (6-7)  ♦  Functions as Objects (HS)

It's Your First Year Teaching, Now What?!  (This course is Full, we are so sorry!)


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