In some states, health science is taught by a licensed health care professional, and that is still an option in Montana, but there is no specific teacher preparation program for the field of health science.  This is not the best solution for most schools since our school budgets are small and hiring additional staff is not possible.  Our science and health enhancement teachers are well-suited for this discipline with the addition of a little background about the health care industry and a review of the skills necessary to pursue a career in health care. Participants in this class will: (1) Learn about the range of health care careers available. (2) Learn to effectively advise students in health care career options. (3) Demonstrate understanding of the National Consortium of Health Science Standards and Accountability Criteria including areas of heath careers, communication, legal and medical ethics, wellness, teamwork, human growth and development, mental health, nutrition, infection control, and vital signs. (4) Participate in various learning activities using Common Core Standards. (5) Describe, analyze, and evaluate various teaching methods/techniques and curricula for health science education.

  • Facilitated (Sept 5th -15th)
  • Registration closes Sept 5th or when the class is full
  • Options for renewal units:
    • 20 renewal units
    • 30 OPI renewal units & Class 4A license in Health Occupations Education  (see flow chart below to determine eligibility) 
    • Please note: you have until Oct 31st to complete the job shadow, even though the image says Sept 30th

flow chart to determine eligibility for Class 4A license, contact Renee at for details