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This 3-week course is designed for middle grade teachers to draw out high level algebraic thinking from their students.  The focus is on teacher practices utilizing 6th and 7th grade Expressions and Equations Standards as a vehicle to improve algebraic thinking of students and teacher pedagogy.  Specific goals include the following:

  • Define algebraic thinking and reasoning through the “Habits of Mind” framework.
  • Evaluate the way teachers talk to and question students about expressions, equations, and inequalities.
  • Develop an understanding of Expression and Equation Standards and the Eight Mathematical Practices through engaging math problems.
  • Apply the aspects of algebra to STEM and real-world problem solving lessons

Facilitated by Maggie Guttormson.

type of course

Facilitated, July 9th - July 27

Registration opens Monday, June 18th.

Registration closes July 9th or when the course is full.

course length 15 OPI Renewal Units audience 6-7 Teachers

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