course description

The course will serve as a tool to guide participants and provide resources on Rich Tasks. Experience a 3 act task plus learn the when, why, where, and how to use rich tasks.  Designed for all grade levels and to be taken in a group of at least 3 teachers to work through the course together. Read more about group courses. This course was formerly titled Rich Tasks 2.0. 

Created by Brooke Taylor, Math Teacher, Billings Senior High

type of course Group Course time 3 OPI Renewal Units audience K-12 Teachers
user rating  User Ratings: 5.0  5 stars

"Even people who knew about rich tasks beforehand gained quite a bit by working through the course. This was a great course because Kinder teachers got as much out of it as my Pre-Calculus teachers. Nice work!" -  Teacher, Kalispell, MT