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Reading, writing, speaking, and listening have unique characteristics in each discipline. This course focuses on the disciplines of ELA, history, and science. Course goals include helping teachers to teach students discipline specific literacy skills, it will show where the standards address disciplinary literacy, how teaching disciplinary literacy will impact student learning within each discipline, and how we can ensure that students are acquiring the skills to be consumers of specific disciplinary content. (This is the first of a 4 part series on Disciplinary Literacy and is a pre-requisite for the other 3 courses.) 

Created by Liz Tuss, Instructional Innovations Specialist, Montana Office of Public Instruction.

Type of Course Self-paced course course length 3 OPI Renewal Units Audience 7-12 Teachers
user rating User rating: 3.6
3.6 stars

"I gained a much better understanding of the standards and what Disciplinary Literacy is through this course." —Middle school teacher, Missoula, MT