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This course has been cancelled and it is closed to enrollment.

The introduction of the Common Core standards inspired a change in the mindset of “basing transformations on congruence” to the more intuitive approach of “basing congruence on transformations.” In modern geometry, the traditional arguments justifying congruence and similarity are more effectively supported by rigid transformations and dilations. In this 3-week module, we examine how transformations are applied to justify congruence and similarity. Specific goals and activities include the following:

  • Examining and connecting properties of transformations through constructions using GeoGebra.
  • Experiencing the shift to justifying congruence and similarity through transformations.
  • Revisiting fundamental geometric theorems and proving them through transformations.

Created by The STREAM Team. Facilitated by Pat Baltzley, Math Education Consultant

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Facilitated, January 5 - 26, 2020

Registration open Dec 15 and closes Jan 5 or when the course is full.

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course length 15 OPI Renewal Units audience HS Math Teachers

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