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This 3-week module focuses on the tools and processes of measurement, K-3 learning progressions related to measurement, and foundational ideas that promote a deeper understanding of measurement concepts. Specific goals and activities include the following:

  • Develop enduring understandings of measurement attributes, processes, and tools.
  • Explore relationships among units, attributes, and measures within a system of measurement.
  • Engage in authentic problem solving using tools that can be applied in the classroom.

Facilitated by Tom Redmon, Daly Elementary School

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Facilitated, June 7 - 28

Registration opens May 17 and closes June 7 or when the course is full.

Additional sessions will run during the 20/21 school year. 

course length 15 OPI Renewal Units audience Elementary Teachers

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User Rating: 3.8 3.8 stars

"It was fun to get some new ideas and insights, thanks!" —Teacher, Boulder, MT