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This three-week module will expand your vision of what it takes to develop conceptual understanding of linear measurement, perimeter, area, and volume. You will determine linear measurements of shapes, cover surfaces with square units to find area, and fill spaces to measure volume. You will delve into the relationships and structures of area, perimeter, and volume. Specific goals and activities include the following:

  • Develop a mini-progression for learning a concept related to perimeter, area, and/or volume in grades K-5.
  • Read about conceptually taught lessons, identify learning progressions within the lessons, and diagnose student misconceptions.
  • Analyze and employ Math Talk as a tool for developing conceptual understanding.
  • Solve, share, and defend solutions for perimeter, area, and volume problems.

Facilitated by Becky Berg, Billings Public Schools

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Facilitated, May 3 -24, 2020

Registration is open and closes May 3 or when the course is full.

course length 15 OPI Renewal Units audience Elem Math Teachers

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