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Do you drink water? Swim? Irrigate? Play in a puddle? Boat? Fish? Farm or ranch? Hike? Enjoy the great outdoors? Do you teach about water cycles? Food webs? Riparian habitats? Fire Safety? If you answered 'YES' to any or all of these questions, then you depend on a watershed. Regardless of where you live, you are in a watershed! What is your local watershed? Where does your water come from? Is your watershed healthy? Watershed education can be integrated into your classroom in a variety of ways using this Place-based learning approach, and provides a great opportunity for your students to connect with your area landscape and community in ways they have probably never thought about! Where does your water come from? This course is the perfect blend of Place-based learning and watershed content specifically designed to boost student interest, enthusiasm, and achievement levels in understanding this vital environmental resource! (This course also includes the added bonus of a 5th-grade curriculum that covers all the standards, including ELA and math.)

Created by Chris Pavlovich, 5th Grade Teacher, East Side School in Livingston, MT.

"What an educational course! I am very glad to know about all the extra free and local resources in this field!" —Ronan teacher

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Type: Self-paced
Audience: Upper Elementary
OPI Renewal Units: 4 hours