Information for School Administrators

Planning Professional Development

Don't forget to include Hub courses in your District's required annual professional development plan (see ARM 10.55.714).   This is especially important if you plan to accept alternatives to the annual October professional development days.

If your District's professional development plan required all staff to takes specific courses on the Learning Hub, every educator will need to individually create an account and enroll in those courses. The exception is Group Courses, see below for more information.

Download the course catalog from the Hub homepage for an easy view of updated course offerings to help you and your staff identify courses.

Getting Your Staff Involved in the Hub

The best first step is to get your staff acquainted with the Hub and to have them create accounts.  Check out the Hub video tour to aid in this.

  • Self-paced courses:  These courses can be completed on an individual's own time or during scheduled PIR days.
  • Facilitated courses: These courses start and end on specific dates. Educator's can only enroll in these courses when they are scheduled.  Be aware of how these courses fit into your professional development plan and school calendar.
  • Live courses: These courses are a great way to get your staff involved with other educators from around the state.  They typically run once per month during the school year, at a specific time and date. 
  • Group courses: Think blended learning! Use the online platform to facilitate an in-person group learning experience. These courses can be used to fill PIR days without having to bring in a presenter.  One person does the prep work: enroll in the course, print any materials specified in the course, and schedule a date and room.  The course then guides participants through the course activities.

Things to Consider

  • Tracking Course Completions: It is the responsibility of the individual educator to report course completions to you, as represented by a OPI renewal unit certificate.  The Hub staff cannot directly release course completion information to anyone other than the individual account holder.
  • Pay scale advancement: If your district intends to recognize Hub courses for salary advancement we recommend that you communicate this well in advance with your staff.  You may need to address this in your local contract and in your district's professional development plan.
  • All staff:  We have courses suitable for all educators. including paraprofessionals, substitutes, trustees, and anyone who works in and around schools. 
  • CSIP: Include your staff's usage of the Hub in your annual Continuous School Improvement Plan.
  • See our FAQ page for other common questions your staff may have.


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