Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Hub courses count towards renewing my Montana Educator License?

  • Yes, all of our courses offer OPI renewal units that are accepted by the Licensure Division at Montana’s OPI.

If I have a login/account for other OPI programs, can I use that to sign into the Hub?

  • No, the Hub is its own system and thus requires you to setup an account.

What do I do if I didn’t get my new account confirmation email?

  • Sometimes email security settings block or send the Hub account confirmation emails to a spam folder.  If you do not receive the email within 5 minutes or see it in your spam/junk folder, please submit a help desk ticket through the big red button on the Hub homepage.

How do I get my renewal unit certificate for the course(s) I complete?

  • Every course ends with a course evaluation.  After you complete this evaluation, the link to download your certificate will “unlock” on the course homepage just under the evaluation.  If it is a facilitated course, you may need to wait for your facilitator to finalize grades before the certificate is unlocked.

Do I receive a grade?

  • Each course is different, but the following description applies to most.  Self-paced courses are based on completion but you may receive scores for individual activities that serve the purpose of providing feedback.  Facilitated courses typically have grades and tend to be pass/fail.  For more details about the grading on a specific facilitated course, please contact the listed facilitator.

What is the difference between the types of courses?

What happens with the feedback I give on the course evaluation?

  • Each month the Hub staff reviews the data from the course evaluations and makes adjustments as needed. We strive to only offer high quality courses and use the evaluations to help meet this goal.

Can I view courses on my phone or tablet?

  • Yes! You can access the Hub either through a browser on your phone/tablet or through the free OpenLMS Mobile App. The app is available for free from Google Play and the Apple Store. Please read the "Introducing the Free Mobile App from Open LMS" webpage for more information. If you use a browser on your phone or Safari on a tablet, please know that some activities may not function properly.  Our system works best with either Firefox or Chrome on a computer.  

Do these courses count towards replacing school PIR or MFPE Conference days?

  • This is up to your local administrators and school board.  Please contact them for more information before taking Hub courses as a replacement. If you are an academic leader or administrator, go to our administrator’s page to learn about how you can use the Hub for professional development in your school.

How do I know how long each course will take?

  • Each course lists the number of renewal units and 1 renewal unit is equivalent to 1 hour of course work.  

I can’t remember my password.

  • First, try the Lost Password button in the login box.  If you do not receive an email within 5-10 minutes, please use the red help button on the course homepage.

What are the computer system requirements?

  • Internet Access - Broadband or high-speed internet access is recommended.  Dial-up internet should work, but pages may load slowly and some activities may not function properly.

  • Web Browser - The Hub can be accessed through any updated web browser, but works best in Firefox and Chrome.  Some course activities may not function correctly in Internet Explorer or Safari.  Be sure to update your browser.

  • Software - Some courses provide resources in the form of Word Documents, so it is recommended you have Microsoft Office. Using other word processing software besides Microsoft Office may require you to save files in Rich Text Format (RTF) or Text Format (txt) to access them.  If you are still having trouble viewing documents please use the red help button.  All renewal unit certificates are in PDF format, you can download Adobe Reader for free.

  • Other -  Your browser should also have cookies, JavaScript, and pop-ups enabled. These are typically enabled by default, but if you think these settings might need enabling, visit the “Help” section for your particular browser.

  • Run this Browser Checker to ensure your browser is configured properly. (Provided by Greenfield Community College. Links within this page will lead to their website. Contact the Hub help desk if you have questions.)

How long will I have access to the course?

  • Facilitated - These courses typically close 2-3 weeks after the end date.  After that you will no longer have access.

  • All other courses - You will be automatically un-enrolled after 120 days of not logging into the course. You are welcome to re-enroll to access the information again.  If you did not finish the course the first time, some of your activity completion information will be retained but there will be some pieces you will need to re-do.

Can I retake a course?

  • Yes, but you can only use that course’s renewal unit certificate once towards renewing your license.

Can I download the course in the form of a document to read?

  • No. However, some individual activities have the ability to be downloaded.

How often are courses added?

  • The Hub staff is always working to add new courses and refresh existing ones. It is typical to see 2-3 new courses per month.


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Last modified: Wednesday, January 6, 2021, 11:53 AM