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Welcome to the OPI Teacher Learning Hub. For those of us who work to make the Hub an engaging, high-quality professional learning experience--each course and interaction with the more than 8,000 educators who use the Hub--builds our commitment and enthusiasm for sharing what the Hub is and how it can help individual educators, schools, and districts grow their professional practice.

Since its beginning in 2013, the primary purpose of the Teacher Learning Hub has been to address the challenges of distance, time, and equity of access to high quality professional development for Montana educators. Our commitment to you is to provide active learning, high quality content, and relevant topics on an accessible, free online learning system.


In July 2013, AFT awarded Montana an Innovation Grant to create the Montana Digital Professional Learning Network (MDPLN). This new online learning network was patterned after the Montana Digital Academy (MTDA), with the primary goal of addressing the challenges of distance, time, access, and equity in providing Montana educators access to quality professional learning opportunities statewide. Initial focus was to provide Montana English Language Arts, Literacy, and Mathematics Common Core training and ongoing coaching support for Montana teachers, as well as paraprofessional training for the MEA-MFT PASS program. 

MTDA worked in conjunction with MEA-MFT, Montana Office of Public Instruction, Montana University System, School Administrators of Montana, Montana School Board Association, Montana Rural Education Association, and the Montana Providers of Professional Learning Network (MPPLN) to support and promote the development of MDPLN. This statewide partnership team developed over 100 online modules and grew MDPLN to over 1,000 users.

In August 2015, to ensure continued success and sustainability the MDPLN team leaders decided to transition the management of MDPLN from MTDA to the Montana Office of Public Instruction. OPI staff will continue to work closely with MTDA staff and other groups from the partnership team to expand the offerings and reach even more Montana Educators in the years to come.

In November 2015, MDPLN changed its name to The Teacher Learning Hub. The Hub continues to offer quality online learning, but the new name helps to define the purpose of this learning platform.

Types of Courses

Facilitated Courses

  • These courses are typically 3-5 weeks. There are deadlines for each activity or assignment and a facilitator will be online to guide you through the course and provide feedback. These courses are typically capped between 20 and 30 participants and run 2-3 times throughout the year.

Self-paced Courses

  • These courses do not have a start or end date, but are continuously open. Complete at your own pace and on your own schedule. There is a facilitator listed in case you have questions, they also monitor activity within the course. Some self-paced courses will have an activity that needs to be manually graded, this can take 2-3 days. 

To enroll in a course, simply click the course name then the enroll me button. If you are prompted for an enrollment key, contact the facilitator listed in the course description.

All courses offer renewal units and the certificate will be "unlocked" at the completion of the course for you to download.

Contact Information

To contact the Hub Team, reach out to or If you need tech support, please submit a help ticket and one of the four of us will help you out. 

Marti Paugh Allyson Briese Carli Cockrell Marjorie O'Rourke
Learning Hub Coordinator  Content and Curriculum Specialist  Professional Learning Coordinator  Data & Information Specialist

Commitment to Accessibility

The Hub is committed to giving people with disabilities the same opportunity to access our content and allow them to benefit from the same courses, in the same place and in a similar way as other users.

We will be continually striving to maintain and further improve the accessibility of the Hub. If you have feedback on our site, please contact one of the Hub team listed in the previous section. This will ensure the best possible result and experience possible from all our users with accessibility needs.

The OPI makes reasonable modifications for any known disability that may interfere with participation in a service, program, or activity of the OPI. If an assistive device, person, or other accommodation is needed to participate in any part of the Hub, please submit a request to 

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