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In this course, you will learn the various strategies for addition and subtraction based on place value, properties, and the inverse relationship. The course dives deep into branching, landmark numbers, open number lines, finding the missing part, compensation strategies and more. Video demonstrations of these strategies along with opportunities to practice these various methods will be an important part of your learning.

Created by Becky Berg, K-6 Math Instructional Coach, Billings Elementary.

Type of Course Self-paced course course length 5 OPI Renewal Units Audience K-4 Teachers
user rating User Ratings: 3.84 stars

"This was the best course I have taken on the Learning Hub! Great work!" —Teacher, Victor, MT

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"My kids just don't know their math facts!" If you have said this before and want to learn how to best help students improve fact fluency, this workshop will be valuable to you! Using Jo Boaler's research on Fluency Without Fear, we will explore key ideas and strategies for improving fluency. 

Created by Becky Berg, Billings Public Schools K-6 Professional Development & Coaching

type of course Self-paced time 2 OPI Renewal Units audience K-6 Teachers
user rating User Ratings: 4.03.8 stars

"Every detail of this is worth learning and sharing. I am actually excited to share what I have learned in this training. Thank you so much." -Teacher, Glendive, MT 

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During this course, you will acquire strategies for embedding the Mathematical Practices into everyday instruction and for incorporating STEM-focused activities into lessons and activities. Specific goals include:

  • Recognize the 8 Mathematical Practices and how to incorporate them into lessons.
  • Analyze videos of exemplary teaching and identify Mathematical Practices in use.
  • Revise existing lessons to engage students in specific Mathematical Practices.

Created by STREAM project and revised by Becky Berg, Billings Elementary.

Type of Course Self-paced course course length 3 OPI Renewal Units Audience K-8 Math Educators, Admin
user rating User Ratings: 3.93.9 stars

"This course was very good, There was a lot of resources that gave me new ideas." —Middle school teacher, Miles City, MT


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"My kids just don't know their multiplication facts!" Have you ever found yourself say that statement? If so, this course is for you. The Montana Content Standards emphasize solving multiplication problems by using strategies based on place value and properties. This course will focus on how to build multiplication fact fluency with your students by building a conceptual understanding first to learn foundational and derived facts. Highly recommend engaging in the 1-hour “Fluency” Learning Hub Course before this one!

Created by Becky Berg, Billings Public Schools Math Coach.

Type of Course Self-paced course course length 4 OPI Renewal Units Audience Grades 3-5 Teachers
user rating New course, data coming soon!


Investigate how the Pythagorean Theorem provides a vital foundation in 8th grade that progresses into high school geometry. After briefly exploring the history of Pythagoras and his discoveries, we will examine different proofs of the theorem and its converse and discover how right triangles help us understand irrational numbers and distance. 

Created by the STREAM Team and Marisa Graybill, OPI Math Instructional Coordinator

type of course Self-paced time 4 OPI Renewal Units audience 6-12 Teachers
user rating New course, data coming soon!

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This course will give you a starting point to investigate how utilizing rich tasks in your classroom can promote the teaching and learning of mathematics. The content is targeted toward mathematics teachers, but the strategies apply across all curriculum. This course is the same as the Problem Solving Group Course but formatted for an individual. This course was formerly titled Rich Tasks 2.0. 

Created by Brooke Taylor, Math Teacher, Billings Senior High School 

type of course Self-paced time 3 OPI Renewal Units audience K-12 Teachers
user rating User Ratings: 3.83.8 stars

"I am so very impressed with the content of this course. I truly feel like I've grown as an educator and can plan for tangible changes in my educational practice to benefit the mathematical learning of my students! Thank you!" —Elementary teacher, Billings, MT