New Course Request Procedures

These procedures apply to OPI staff creating a course, OPI contracting with someone to create a course, and outside organizations creating a course on the Teacher Learning Hub. Contact a Hub Administrator,, with questions.

Fill out the course request form

Before investing any time or money in course development:

  • First, check to see if there are similar Hub courses by: 
  • Then, fill out the request form
  • Hub admin will then send an email to the appropriate Division Administrator for approval
  • Note: Each division is responsible for identifying its funding source, creating and funding their own contracts. The request form should be filled out prior to writing the contract.

Take the Introduction to Course Design 2.0 course 

  • Covers all Hub expectations and the details of setting up a course
    • Only needs to be taken once
    • Required for everyone
  • Take the course
    • Contact for the enrollment key.

Hub admin creates a course shell

  • Only after Division Administrator approval and completion of Introduction to Course Design
  • The designer will have full editing rights for that course
  • OPI Project Lead (if applicable) will also have access

Course planning & set-up

  • The Hub Team is available for support during this process
  • The designer is expected to follow the established Course Designer Checklist (found in the Introduction course)

Review & edits

  • 1st Review Phase: Designer goes through Course Designer Checklist (received when the course is opened) and gathers copyright permission.
  • 2nd Review Phase: OPI Project Lead checks for content accuracy and that course is meeting objectives. Ask the Hub Team for the pre-designed Project Lead checklist. 1st and 2nd phase sometimes get merged if the designer is an OPI employee, but we still encourage a 2nd review by another person in your field. The Project Lead should also verify that copyright documentation is complete. 
  • Email when you are ready to move to the next review phase
  • 3rd Review Phase: Marjorie O'Rourke proofreads and does an accessibility check
  • 4th Review Phase: A Hub Admin will do a final design and settings check
    • They will work back and forth with the designer to make edits as needed.
  • Allow a minimum of 3 weeks for this process

Open course

  • Marketing: joint effort
    • The Hub Team will add the course to the OPI Professional Learning Opportunities Portal
    • New courses will be featured in the "what's new" section on the Hub homepage and listed in the monthly Hub Newsletter and Hub Course Catalog
    • Do not advertise until dates are confirmed with the Hub Team or the course is open
  • Renewal units 
    • The Hub Team will handle all renewal units
  • Ongoing tech support: The Hub Team 
  • Ongoing content support and forum monitoring: designer and/or someone within your division

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