New Course Request Procedures

These procedures apply to OPI staff creating a course, OPI contracting with someone to create a course, and outside organizations creating a course on the Teacher Learning Hub. Contact a Hub Administrator,, with questions.

Fill out the course request form

Before investing any time or money in course development:

Take the Introduction to Course Design 2.0 course 

  • Covers all Hub expectations and the details of setting up a course
    • Only needs to be taken once
    • Required for everyone
  • Take the course
    • Contact for the enrollment key.

Hub admin creates a course shell

  • Only after Division Administrator approval and completion of Introduction to Course Design
  • The designer will have full editing rights for that course
  • OPI Project Lead (if applicable) will also have access

Course planning & set-up

  • The Hub Team is available for support during this process
  • The designer is expected to follow the established Course Designer Checklist (found in the Introduction course)

Review & edits

  • 1st Review Phase: Designer goes through Course Designer Checklist (received when the course is opened) and gathers copyright permission.
  • 2nd Review Phase: OPI Project Lead checks for content accuracy and that course is meeting objectives. Ask the Hub Team for the pre-designed Project Lead checklist. 1st and 2nd phase sometimes get merged if the designer is an OPI employee, but we still encourage a 2nd review by another person in your field. The Project Lead should also verify that copyright documentation is complete. 
  • Email when you are ready to move to the next review phase
  • 3rd Review Phase: Marjorie O'Rourke proofreads and does an accessibility check
  • 4th Review Phase: A Hub Admin will do a final design and settings check
    • They will work back and forth with the designer to make edits as needed.
  • Allow a minimum of 3 weeks for this process

Open course

  • Marketing: joint effort
    • The Hub Team will add the course to the OPI Professional Learning Opportunities Portal
    • New courses will be featured in the "what's new" section on the Hub homepage and listed in the monthly Hub Newsletter and Hub Course Catalog
    • Do not advertise until dates are confirmed with the Hub Team or the course is open
  • Renewal units 
    • The Hub Team will handle all renewal units
  • Ongoing tech support: The Hub Team 
  • Ongoing content support and forum monitoring: designer and/or someone within your division

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