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This course is designed to provide you with a brief overview of curriculum integration. We will explore examples of curriculum integration and think about common misconceptions regarding subject integration. It is recommended that you take this course before taking the group course: Integration Across Content Areas Through a Scientific Lens.

Created by Traci Piltz, Technology Integration Specialist, Billings Public Schools

Type of Course Self-paced course length 1 OPI Renewal Unit audience All Educators
user rating User Ratings: 3.7 3.7 stars

"...a great reminder to work with the human resources within my building!  So often, I teach as though I'm on a deserted island.  I have visited with my co-worker and we plan to move forward with a unit.  I appreciate the push!" -High School teacher, Rudyard, MT

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This course will introduce the idea of growth mindset. Participants will take on the role of learner to discover their mindset and understand the research and vocabulary necessary to discuss mindset with their students. This course is designed for a group of at least 3 teachers to work through the course together.  Read more about group courses.

 Created by Kathleen Hill

type of course Group Course time 3 OPI Renewal Units audience All Educators
user rating User Ratings: 3.4  3.4 stars

You will need an enrollment key to take this course. Contact Marisa Franklin for access.

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Gifted students, also referred to as high ability or high potential learners, are often overlooked or misunderstood due to lack of understanding. This course will cover basic characteristics of gifted students.  Sub-populations of high ability students will also explored. The first step in better supporting exceptional students is understanding who these students are.

Created by Estee Aiken, Associate Professor, University of Montana Western

type of course Self-paced time 4 OPI Renewal Units audience K-12 Teachers
user rating User Ratings: 3.8  3.8 stars

"Learned so much about gifted students. Great information and printables to take away from this class." -Elementary teacher, Columbia Falls, MT

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This course will examine the need for guiding gifted students into greater depth and complexity, provide an overview of the dimensions and icons of depth and complexity, offer strategies for incorporating the icons of depth and complexity into content and curriculum and suggest available resources.

Created by Dianne Fowler and Todd Lark, SWMSS

type of course Self-paced time 1 OPI Renewal Unit audience K-12 Teachers
user rating User Ratings: 3.7  3.7 stars

"I truly loved this course. Of all the ones I've taken, it had the most information I could immediately put into use in the classroom. Thank you!" -Teacher, Roberts, MT

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This course provides an overview and planning process for implementing standards-based grading and reporting.

Created by Colet Bartow, Director of Content Standards and Instruction, OPI

type of course Self-paced course length 2 OPI Renewal Units audience All Educators
user rating User Ratings: 3.4 3.4 stars  

"Thank you so much for making a meaningful course! Our school has been working on this transition toward SBG and I am very excited to contribute from what I've learned from this course." -Teacher, Seoul, Korea

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Classrooms are complex environments in which teachers must deal with uncertainty, diversity, and a certain amount of productive chaos. This course will not only provide ideas for classroom management and instruction but give you the tools to thrive during your early years of teaching. 

Facilitated by Lander Sulser.


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Facilitated, March 4 - April 14

Registration opens Friday, February 15

Registration closes March 4th or when the course is full.

course length 12 OPI Renewal Units audience New Teachers

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User Ratings: 3.6 3.6 stars