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This course will provide participants an overview of HIPAA, FERPA and how they intersect with Health (Mental Health) Services provided in a School.

Created by Holly Mook, MT SOARS - Project AWARE State Coordinator.

type of course Self-paced course length 2 OPI Renewal Units audience All Educators
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"Good general information for teachers and it offers administrators a platform to develop guidelines for privacy protocols." -Teacher, Fort Peck, MT

course description

This course is for any educator working with children with learning disabilities. Participants will learn (1) how to “feature match”, or systematically link students' abilities and strengths with existing tools, (2) about notetaking apps, smart writing systems, and software options, (3) concrete strategies to increase students’ independence and skill.

Created by Anna-Margaret Goldman, MonTech Program Director

Type of Course Self-paced course course length 1 OPI Renewal Unit Audience All Educators
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